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Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud: A Powerful New Manufacturing Software

Make your business a well-oiled machine. Manufacturing Cloud brings sales and operations together with a single source of truth, driving forecast accuracy and visibility across your ecosystem. Manufacturing software from Salesforce is ushering in a new industrial solution, driven by innovative means of connectivity. Salesforce manufacturing software promotes connections in many ways. Sales reps receive comprehensive, accurate information faster, helping them to prioritize and move leads down the funnel. Employees can connect with each other, viewing and sharing consistent prospect and customer information, so everyone is on the same page. Leadership can view the high-level metrics and trends that matter most to keep their fingers on the pulse of the business.


Manufacturing Cloud is a Manufacturing SaaS solution that combines Salesforce’s intelligence with dynamic digital prototyping, flexible data management, and collaborative manufacturing software. . With the Salesforce stack, manufacturing employees can securely collect, store, and organize the following: Data that matters, whether it’s order information, product manufacturing data, inspection/quality control data, and so on. Salesforce produces rich data with precise metrics that are needed for manufacturing and distribution.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Salesforce offers a suite of new tools for manufacturers to take full advantage of Salesforce’s manufacturing software. The software suite is designed to support and service the entire lifecycle of a manufacturing company’s product development process. Salesforce’s latest addition to its suite of Manufacturing Cloud applications, sales and operations planning, is the “cloud” part of Manufacturing Cloud. The software tool includes a place to connect, track, report and share opportunities to find new customers, generate new leads, and uncover new products and opportunities, through best-in-class visualization capabilities.

Manufacturing Cloud Benefits

In order for a business to compete, it must be able to manufacture high-quality products at an affordable price. Employees can create better jobs by generating orders and keeping suppliers stocked. What’s more, the ability to track all processes across the enterprise from the top of the funnel all the way to the bottom is more vital now than ever. Manufacturing Cloud can empower employees and company leaders with more information to execute these goals, bringing manufacturing intelligence from marketing and sales into a single, integrated software suite. With Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, sales reps are exposed to new information at a faster rate, which enables them to focus on customer service rather than parsing phone numbers from a spreadsheet.


While Salesforce offers a bevy of business services, for many enterprises, it is the tool for connecting people that seems to have the most impact. With Salesforce’s manufacturing cloud, Salesforce can help align the company’s systems of communication in a way that drives collaborative, continuous improvement, driving closer engagement with customers, improving quality, and reducing downtime. More importantly, the platform’s extensibility means that it can become more than a manufacturing application and become part of your broader industrial ecosystem, becoming a hub for asset management and innovation. Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is an incredibly powerful tool, a game changer for your company. Use it to drive competitive advantage.

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